What is the Workshop on Dredging and Surveying?

The workshop on Dredging and Surveying is a workshop, a platform to share knowledges about everything involved in dredging and surveying.

The Workshop is for Port Authorities and Governmental Organizations only, so not for contractors. This creates a confidential platform to share also knowledge and information about till example contacts, tendering and prices.

When and where is the workshop?

Every year the workshop is hosted by one the authorities participating in their city and port. The workshop is three days and is organized in May or June.

Who is participating in the Workshop on Dredging and Surveying?

The Steering Committee consists of Rijkswaterstaat (The Netherlands), Port of Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and the Federal Waterways and Shipping Agency (Germany).

Participants in the annual workshop come from different countries and work for different organizations:

The Netherlands: Rijkswaterstaat, Port of Rotterdam, Groningen Seaports, North Sea Port, Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations

Germany: Federal Institute of Hydrology, Niedersachsen Ports Emden, Federal Waterways and Shipping Agency, Bremenports, Hamburg Port Authority,

Belgium: Port of Antwerp, Flanders Hydraulic Research, Waterways and Sea canal, Flemish Government . Maritime Access, North Sea Port, Flemish Hydrography

France: HAROPA Port Rouen, GIE Dragages – Ports, Port de la Rochelle,

United Kingdom: Port of London Authority, Harwich Haven Authority, Associated British Ports Southampton

Norway: Borg Port Authority, Norwegian Coastal Administration, Borg Port Authority

Sweden: Port of Gothenburg, Port of Norrköping

Denmark: Danish Coastal Administration, Port of Aarhus

Lithuania: Klaipeda State Seaport Authority

USA: US Army Corps of Engineers


For more information or will to participate please send an e-mail to contact@wsds.eu and we get back to you as soon as possible!